just chatting with people

So I just returned from a trip to Turin, Italy where I made some incredible new friends and saw a different way of thinking about the world

What if the world is not about black and white, not about binaries, but about the grey areas? The in-betweens? The “I don’t know”s and the “maybe”s. If that was what the world was, more so than the I’m right and you’re wrong mentality, I think the way everyone lived in the world might look a little different. Instead of beating people over the top of the head with opinions, we might listen a little more. We might observe more. We might want to know why people are the way that we are. We might want to be learners instead of just being right.

What if this was the way that we invited people to know Jesus? What if we were truly convinced that knowing Jesus is the best way to live here and now for anyone and everyone? I used to think that I was totally sure of that, but recently I’ve been wondering. Has Jesus really made my life fuller? Am I better for knowing Jesus? Does life make more sense now that I know Jesus?

Those answers are all yes. So yes, I am convinced that knowing and living and walking with and loving Jesus are the best ways to live. So instead of being right or arguing about it, maybe I should just start saying that.

Maybe that’s what evangelism really is… just listening and loving people and trying to introduce them to Jesus.

I’m on board for that.


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