la festa di halloweenies

Halloween is the most ridiculous holiday. I had the pleasure of going to the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder’s office today to renew my license plates and happened to be helped by a zombie. A highly functioning zombie who very efficiently took my money and sent me on my way without attempting to eat me in any manner. I like those types of zombies.

And… confession time… this is the first Halloween that I can remember where I did not dress up. Pretty much at all. Minus my sign at youth group that said ‘Nudist On Strike,’ but considering I gave a talk about Adam and Eve, I thought it was just funny and ironic. So good. I just can’t wait for Christmas music to start playing on the radio!


I am just so overwhelmed with God’s goodness right now. This weekend was one of the most special things I have had the chance to be apart of, and it reminded me of God’s overwhelming goodness. He is EXTRAVAGANT with His love for us. It’s outrageous and beautiful and specific and takes our breath away. And no matter what awkward surprises or silly games or awesome conversations come our way, He remains good.

I spent 24 straight hours with a group of twenty-something high school seniors this past weekend (yeah ODOS!) and it was one of the most beautiful experiences I have gotten to be apart of. It was also incredibly weighted with digging through a lot of brokenness, which was pretty rough at times. One of the girls in my small group was talking to me about feeling like God isn’t showing up in her life right now, and what struck me the most in our conversation was her need for God. She physically needs God to be with her so bad right now and it broke my heart hearing it, but even there I know God is good. And I know this because He has walked me through those times where I have needed Him so badly I feel it physically, when nothing else will fix whatever has blown up in my face but His presence. And even in the midst of the lowest moments where that is true, His goodness remains. His presence remains.

I’m so thankful for the reminders I’ve had of that recently. You go, Jesus.


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