sometimes i get the feeling that the world has gotten a bit too small.

i’m just little ol’ me, and the world is supposed to be ginormous and magnificent and full of things to discover.

but i’m realizing that the magic to curiosity is kind of seriously diminished when everything is just a click of a button away. with sites like pinterest, facebook, twitter, google, and even hulu, and devices/software like dvr, itunes, laptops, ipads, nooks and kindles, eveything that you could possibly want to know, see, read, listen to, try, catch up about… it’s all there. just waiting for you to look it up.

but there’s not simply enough time in the day. i could spend every second of the 24 hours in my day trying to catch up on all the things that i love. but that’s the problem… then i’m just catching up on life that was already lived instead of being present.

i’m realizing i do that in my life a lot, not just with technogadgets and media. it seems to be so much easier to live catching up on what has already happened than living presently, in the tension of hte here and now, with uncertainties of the future and the griefs/celebrations of the past.

i’m making a change. i’m ready to stare now in the face and learn from it.


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